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# Black Canyon Grill Games

Black Canyon Angus Beef Grill Games are having a Grill giveaway, click the links below to visit one of Super Saver’s Store, you would have a chance to win:

$50 Black Canyon Angus Beef gift card (per store) or

A Gas Grill from any of our store! 

SuperSaver 48thO
SuperSaver 27thCornhusker
SuperSaver 56thHwy2
Super Saver Council Bluffs
Super Saver 27thandPineLake
Super Saver Columbus
Super Saver GrandIslandW2ndSt
Super Saver Fallbrook
Super Saver 5Points

The winner will be randomly selected from the post and announce on the store’s Facebook June 10th,2022~ 

It’s an easy game to win! 

We measure freshness in hours, not days.

MOWI Atlantic Salmon 

Super Saver is featuring MOWI Atlantic salmon on our shelf soon. The seasoned salmon are your best and saving choice to enjoy at your dinning table. The salmon meets BAP certification environmental responsibility, animal health & welfare, social accountability, food safety and traceability. It’s easy to cook and an easy meal choice.