A&T Farms from Valley, Nebraska

A&T Farms is located in Valley, Nebraska. Tyler is known for his high quality cucumbers, cantaloupes & watermelons.
A&T Farms produce was grown along the Platte River bottom for the first seven years of production, offering sandy ground that allowed plants to produce more abundantly.

Bader Farms from Campbell,  Missouri 

Bader found the Crowley’s Ridge soil fertile with good protection from frost.
Bill Bader worked on peach farms each summer, picking, grading, packing, whatever was needed. That peach fuzz got under his skin and in 1986 he bought a 150-acre peach farm near Campbell, Missouri.

Bates County Produce from Rich Hill, Missouri

They are all Old Order Amish Mennonites. The community grows good quantities of cabbage, zucchini, yellow squash, Candy onions, peppers, eggplant, Lunch Box peppers, Athena melons, watermelon (great quality and varieties), pie pumpkins and many varieties of Winter squash over twenty years.

Blackberry Hill Farms from Rich Hill, Missouri

Blackberry Hill Farms is a small, family oriented business. Being Old Order Mennonites with old way in everything grow berries and cucumbers in the farm. The farm is fully compliant with the State’s Health Department with routine inspection on our produce. The farms’ jam and jellies are loaded with nature’s flavor. 


Brad Hall Family Farm from Sibley, Missouri

Brad is known for his delicious watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and sweet corn. Brand has raises produce on 40 acres of their 500 acre farm.


Chlorofield’s from Lawrence, Kansas

Chlorofields operates a licensed and HACCP certified food processing facility in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Chlorofields is dedicated to maintain the highest degree of cleanliness, and as a Certified Organic grower, it continues to pioneer new levels of quality sprout production.