Savings in our Deli

Let us prepare St. Paddy’s Day dinner for less! You can order fresh prepared Home Cooked Corned Beef Dinner from our Deli from 3/8 through 3/21/2023. 

Home Cooked Corned Beef Dinner at Super Saver
Lent meal for less, you can get it now during Lent in our Deli.

Let us plan your party for less! You can get all the party savings by ordering from our Deli.

Fresh cut

We carry Kretshmar Meats and Chesses with highest quality for your meals. These deli choices are the ideas for your Charcuterie board. No MSG added, Gluten Free! No binders of fillers!

Fried Chicken and Chicken tenders

Fresh made with our own secret blend of multiple natural herbs and spices! Memorial Day 50 Piece Fried or Baked Chicken is available for pre-ordering, the order requires 24 hours to fulfil!