LINCOLN, Neb. (July 13, 2016) At B&R Stores, our customers and the communities we serve come first. As a Nebraska-based, employee-owned company, we understand the importance of offering wholesome food that is produced in a safe, humane and sustainable way. We work with our suppliers, many of whom are local farmers and ranchers who contribute to Nebraska’s leading industry, agriculture. We’re proud to provide these products to our customers throughout Nebraska and western Iowa.

With that in mind, B&R Stores is committed to providing a choice when it comes to the source of eggs sold in our stores. All of the eggs we sell are produced in a safe and humane manner that meets all applicable federal regulations. We understand some customers prefer eggs produced in a cage-free system and we currently offer and will continue to offer cage-free eggs in our stores.

Having a choice is particularly important for families and individuals on a food budget. Eggs are a low-cost source of protein and other important nutrients. Many of our customers rely on eggs as a nutritious staple of their diets, and B&R Stores will continue to meet the needs of their families.

As production methods in the poultry industry change we will monitor those efforts and continue to offer our customers the choices they demand.